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  • Games are our passion at Bumbayaya. We are a fast moving team with a combined software development experience of over fifty years, much of which in game and multimedia development on various platforms.
  • We're very excited about the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch as gaming platforms of the future, and are constantly exploring entirely new gaming concepts that leverage the innovation of these unique devices.
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Cute and ChallengingHow many points?

How far will you get in this challenge of coordination and skill?


  • Eat food to gain points
  • Don't fall off!

Multi PlayerChallenge up to four friends

Who has better coordination?


  • Play from two to four players on a single iPad
  • Each player has their own Buglet
  • Get ready for fast paced action as both players battle for food, points, and staying on the moving level

More comingWe're working hard...

The story of Buglets has just begun...

  • Cute graphics, matching music and fun for the entire family
  • more tweaks just down the road...